Taylor A. Williams

 Taylor A. Williams is a senior attending the University of Michigan Ross Business School. She was born in Detroit, MI and was raised by a single mother. She has been beauty obsessed for as long as she can remember. Growing up in the performing arts and competing in and winning a national beauty competition has made an indelible impression on her interests and aspirations in the beauty industry. She first became introduced into the modeling industry at age thirteen modeling for print ads. As she grew older she has expanded into modeling for numerous runway shows, music videos, became a brand ambassador, host, and much more. Being president and producer of a fashion organization at her school, she makes it her business to rave about new and trending products/fashion on the market and engage with like-minded people. Working side-by-side with other fashionphiles means she gets to hear about different styles and perspectives. Some short term goals of hers is to continue runway shows and print ads for major brands around the nation. Long term goals is to become the chief marketing officer for a major fortune 500 company while also being a high fashion model in both runway and print ads. She is supported by her immediate family, friends, and loved ones as she reaches her goals.

Fun Fact: I've competed and won a national pageant