Talesha Marshelle

 Talesha Brim AKA Talesha Marshelle is from the southern state of Arkansas. Born and raised in a small town did not stop her though. As a young girl she was always asked if she would model but she at the time she did not have a desire.  At the age of 18, she can remember being scouted by ANTM but turned it down. Things change and you never know which direction life will take you.  In 2016 is when Talesha stepped her foot into the fashion/modeling industry doing her first show “Muzical Fashion Show” under the direction of Joshua Cooper – Zoobie Entertainment. In that same year, she was blessed with her first Brand Ambassador opportunity with Sugar Boutique, LLC. Understand that it did not stop there for her. Talesha continues doing shows across the state of Arkansas and setting up photo shoots across the nation as well as Mexico, to build up her portfolio.  Now, Talesha has a desire to hit the runway and model for various designers and boutiques farther than her home state.  Talesha Marshelle is not just a model. Talesha is a mother, Human Resource Professional, College student and traveler. If she’s not a work, she’s gone on a trip. In January 2019 is when she joined the Walk Ambassador Program and she is excited about what her future holds. Her goal is to inspire the uninspired and be a light to those around her. Her interests include Print, Commercial, Film and Runway.