Kendrea Hampton is a 5'7" runway giraffe. Elegant and stands tall effortlessly. Kendrea has been modeling for a little over a year print and 6 months on the runway. In this short span she has taken on a journey where she has been able to grow and showcase all her attributes in many model campaigns. Networking and making a path for herself and setting an example for others that aspire to be. 

Remaining focused on her dreams and maintaining a small business, family, work and school she knew her road to success was near but Kendrea had no idea that her first leap was the start of her new life! As of January 2019, She joined the Walk Family and is now a delighted member. Ms. Hampton walked in New York fashion week. Feb 2019. She was invited to Atlanta for Walk Fashion. (December 2018). During her traveling weeks, targeting to build up her portfolio she was introduced to Jeremy AKA The Model Coach of Walk. A line of great models and she does not plan on letting the beginning of her career stop now. She is just getting started! When Kendrea is not on the runway she enjoys working with troubled youth and teaching dance to kids. Her goal is to inspire kids who have struggle in foster care and young teenagers in the juvenile system.

“I want to show them you can be who ever you set yourself up to be in life. The beginning starts with you.” -Kendrea Hampton. 

She is an family oriented young lady who can easily be mistaken for the tough girl. Modeling let’s Kendrea represent more than that. She is excited about the ambassadors program and everything it holds in store for her and her future. Her interest are Print, Runway, Film and commercial. She is perfecting each craft. She loves expressing herself through fashion and is great at selling anything.  She is self taught and is ready to grow and glow as she reaches her goals!