Jonalyn Rodriguez

Jonalyn Rodriguez is from Bergen County, NJ and is currently living in North, FL. She is a Filipino Petite Runway/Published Model, Wife of a US Navy Chief, Mother to three boys ,Nurse, and a Stroke Survivor. As a young girl, she always loved fashion and modeling but never pursued it because of her height. In November of 2015, she had a stroke and recovered with no deficit. She realized that because she was given a second chance, she wanted to pursue her modeling career! Since she started modeling in October of 2017, she has done Runway Shows throughout the East Coast including New York Fashion Week, has been published in 7 magazines, currently is a Personal Model for S&M Custom Design, and became part of The Walk Family in 2018. She is also a Stroke Advocate and is very passionate about sharing her story in order to help educate others of recognizing the signs. She recently was part of The Real Catwalk, in Times Square, which was organized by America’s Next Top Model contestant, Khystyana, where she walked for All Stroke Survivors and for those who were ever told, you can’t do anything because of Age, Size and Race. Her motto is: “If I can save a life or be an inspiration, I know I made a difference.💕”