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Founded in 2009 by Daishawn Franklin and Crystal Bailey, WALK was created to add to the emerging fashion industry in their hometown of Detroit. WALK averages over 500 women to each casting call and over 2,000 fashion forward show attendees from the metro Detroit area and around the country each year.

Stormi Rivers

I enjoy a number of things; from dancing to acting to modeling. If I am not doing the above, I am perfecting myself in each craft. I have been modeling for about 6 years on and off waiting for a big opportunity to come my way. I have certification and graduated from a modeling/acting school to further help promote myself. It has been always been a passion of mine and I believe that I could embrace you guys brand with my bubbly personality and my entrepreneurial attitude. I am a go getter and excellent at selling a product. I especially enjoy when I’m able to express myself through fashion. If given this opportunity, I will be able to not only showcase what I can do, but I can also sell you guys product to the audience viewing.