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Founded in 2009 by Daishawn Franklin and Crystal Bailey, WALK was created to add to the emerging fashion industry in their hometown of Detroit. WALK averages over 500 women to each casting call and over 2,000 fashion forward show attendees from the metro Detroit area and around the country each year.


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For many fashion lovers, having a successful collection, that reflects your vision is a dream come true. In 2013, Parisians Christophe, Amine and Toufik founded True Vision, Paris brand inspired by all facets of urban culture, from music to football to graffiti and dance, as well as current events to create designs that are often discreet. One year later, Marc and Marin joined the team. True Vision started with a series of 6 different t-shirts, mainly used to make the brand known. After seeing a certain enthusiasm the team decided to expand True Vision's brand, recruiting models to promote women's products, creating a website and opening a store in 2015.

In this exclusive interview the True Vision team talks Urban Culture, Business Challenges, Success, Support from Coca-Cola & More.


Where does your company get inspiration?

"We all have one thing in common: urban culture and sports. Each one of us has a characteristic, Christophe has graffiti, Marin has fencing, Amine has break dancing, Marc has football and Toufik has basketball and we realize that products about us and that inspire us, are always according to our centers of interest."


How did you establish the tone of the company and why did you institute urban as the particular type of culture?

"Everything was done naturally, we were bathing in urban culture. It is our society, our brand, our clothes, everything we do represents urban culture. It is a part of us, it is done with heart. It is therefore natural that urban culture is hyper-present in our work."


With urban culture constantly changing, how does True Vision stay exact to the brand while being relevant to the urban community?

"Culture evolves, we even evolve. So understanding that, our brand and our products also evolve. We remain, however, faithful to our course of conduct while observing what is going on around us."

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What challenges has the business faced and how did you overcome them?

"The challenges encountered are often linked by the lack of means. Both financial and organizational. We have always managed to get away with some personal sacrifices and especially with a bit of luck. We thank the people who believe in us because it is mainly thanks to them that we get away in case of a blow."


What has been the most effective way of raising the awareness of your business?

"Communication through social networks. It is certain that for any sector of activity, it is essential to be present on social networks such as Instagram and Twitter. The events has also played a lot on the enthusiasm that there is around the brand, we cultivate a brand image which in view of our development we succeeded rather well."


What has been your most successful form of marketing?

"Our website and our own shop in Paris. We are also marketed by Citadium, a great French streetwear company that currently resells our brand in its biggest French store in Paris. More recently, a sneaker shop in Paris called ROMANCE SNEAKERS SHOP, also sells our brand and we apart of a piece that will reflect both their universes and ours. We are also on track to be resold in boutiques all over Europe and Asia. We rely heavily on fashion shows in New York to penetrate the American market, which is certainly the most difficult."


How do you go about marketing your business?

"The events, that's for sure. We pamper our customers. During an evening at Citadium organized by us, we brought back guest like EDDIE HYDE with Take a Mic but also others just came to see Gracy Hopkins, Cheu B, Still Fresh, Betty Autier and other influencers. Our community follows us because it likes our image and what we carry, and the events is the best way to cultivate it."


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Gaining support from companies like Coca-Cola and Converse, are great accomplishments as far as brand exposure goes, how did those opportunities come about?

"Yes it's really encouraging and great to have the support of huge corporations like Coca-Cola and Converse. But I would also like to point out that Desperados and Radar are really our biggest partners. Without them we could not do everything we can do, they have proposed us projects that we thought not even possible in view of the notoriety of the brand, they really participate in the expansion."


How do you define success?

"When we see that True Vision is worn and loved."


To what do you most attribute your success to?

"To the team, each one is complementary and brings a special knowledge! We will not be here if there is one less. And especially our close friends who have always supported us."

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What would you say are the five key elements for starting and running a successful business?

"Have balls! It's not easy, every day. Have team spirit. Build relationships. Be hungry for success.Never give up!"


What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

"The moment that propelled us is our entry to Citadium. It has enabled us to retain our customers and have them back."


What's next for True Vision?

"We are focused on the New York fashion week, a showroom in Paris at the end of September and finally a big evening in Paris in October."


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Text: Tianna Robinson